Inks for industrial coding


For large character printer
suitable for the below mentioned printers
e.g. on water, ethanol, propanol and MEK basis
for Markpoint

in 4.5 litre barrel


for Domino

in 4.5 litre


for Willett

in 1 litre bottles



for continuous Jet printers
suitable for the below mentioned printers
e.g. on MEK, ethanol, methanol and ethylacetat basis
for Linx

in 0.5 litre bottle
(standard ink and pigmented ink, e.g. yellow)

for Imaje 7

in a 0.8 litre cartridge for longer usage with corresponding cartridge holder


for Videojet

in 1 litre bottles

for Domino

in the 0.6 litre cartridge or in the 1.8 litre tank, incl. 600 hour or 1800 hour chip

For Willett

n 1 litre bottles



Special inks

Flourescent Ink

e.g. letter coding at the post office

Concrete Ink

for printing on building material (concrete, tiles, gypsum panels, etc.), special uv resistance, resistancy to building material which is stored in the open air

Stamping Ink

e.g. for Krones in 0.3 litre bottles or 20 litre barrel



On request is possible to deliver our inks in 5/20 bulks